Treetop works with clients through all the stages of the web development process. Whether you’re a new company building your first website, or an established company needing a refreshed look, a brand re-envisioning, or more mobile-friendly site, we will start the process with frank conversation. We will ask you a lot of questions about your business, your immediate goals, your customers, your current pains or obstacles, and your long range plans, and what you think you need done for your website right now.

Once we feel we have an understanding of your needs and are ready to get to work on your website, we may provide services such as site organization, branding, logo creation, design, illustration, and copywriting.

Intuitive navigation, content organization, and usability

Your website users should be able to easily navigate your site and find the information they are looking for quickly. During our planning process, we’ll prioritize the typical goals and use cases for people who are on your website, and we’ll create a site structure that will facilitate accomplishment of common and important tasks. Logical content organization and clear navigation will make your site easy to use.

Beautiful design

Our graphics designer will work with you to understand what makes your company unique, and how you want to be perceived out in the world. We can work within an existing brand, or help you through a brand reenvisioning. An effective brand will portray your company’s unique values and offerings, and will have a consistent, coherent voice across both visual and content design.

Easy to maintain websites

We build content management systems that enable our customers to manage their own content. We use both open source content management systems (such as Wordpress) as well as custom content management systems.

One site, many devices: Our approach to mobile friendly web design

Over 140 million Americans currently own a smartphone, and this number will only increase. Although there are some special challenges to accommodating the needs of users who are trying to view your website on a tiny mobile device like an iPhone, ignoring these users is rarely a good choice for your business. While building a completely separate mobile website can be costly, a technology has emerged in the past few years that makes it practical to build a single website that will adapt to the type of device it is being displayed on. This technology, called responsive web design, detects the user’s device size and arranges content differently based on the viewing area. Using responsive web design techniques, we can create a single website that will display beautifully on large desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Treetop has an uncanny ability to translate your vision into reality. I have worked with the people at Treetop on many projects throughout the years, and have always been delighted.

– Christopher Wagner, Director of Marketing, Arbors Property Management


We recently developed and launched a web application for the U.S. State Department. This app provides sophisticated mapping and data functionality to document foreign direct investment in the United States, and includes a backend for data management.
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