As a custom web application development firm, we sometimes build web apps for internet startup companies. Our typical internet startup client is an entrepreneur with an innovative idea for a web application who does not personally have the technical background to program their own solution. We sometimes also do subcontracting work for internet startups that have in-house development teams and who need some extra programming help.

Working With Treetop On Your Startup's Web App

We’re a little picky about which startups we will do work for. Here is a brief list of what we look for in an internet startup client:

  • An innovative idea. Your company should be doing something nobody else is doing.
  • A good marketing plan. You should have a well thought out approach for letting the world know about your new app.
  • A budget of $50,000 or higher. Between planning, graphics design, user-interface development, application architecture, web programming, and testing, it is hard to get a quality web app built for less than this. More basic prototypes that may be useful for establishing proof of concept before building a more refined application typically start at $20,000 and up. We will not consider working in exchange for equity unless you have already launched a financially successful internet startup company in the past.

If you’re an existing company looking for custom web application development, please read about our custom web application development services, or simply contact us.

They are so committed to every project and they are easy to communicate with - I felt like I had my own personal internal development team working with me.

– Cyndi Knapic, Founder & CEO,


We recently developed and launched a web application for the U.S. State Department. This app provides sophisticated mapping and data functionality to document foreign direct investment in the United States, and includes a backend for data management.
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